Argo Digital is hiring a

Senior Full Stack Developer

New York, United States
Like git? Great. Have a favorite data store? Front-end framework? Way of working? Propose it! This map has no lines. You’re bringing the pencil. Rather than setting rigid requirements about which technologies are “corporate-approved” and safe-to-use, our team has the ability to select and change the stack. We believe that an all-star technology team is capable of making rational decisions based on system-risk, ramp-up time, and ease-of-use, and that novelty will never trump utility.


You’re working at a startup with a lifespan near its finish. You’re the talented member of a team at a popular technology company looking for the opportunity to have more control and leadership. You’re the workhorse at an agency, tired of coding products for promotions instead of real users. Ever thought of creating your own product?


  • You’re a team player. You can talk with designers, product owners, and senior stakeholders. You’re not just a coder; you’re someone who knows how to get things made. You start imagining how to turn experiences into products as soon as you hear the concept, and you know how to prod for the right direction before you start hacking away. You might have led others and shipped an experience well-received by users, one that wasn’t just incremental change but an entirely new product. In your spare time, you’ve collaborated with friends to conduct experiments outside of work. 
  • You’ve got technical expertise. You can build mobile and web apps (and you’ve done it before). We’re flexible about language and approach as long as you’re working in a codebase you’re confident writing for and which you know will deliver the right results. You can decipher the code of others, and you understand your way around legacy infrastructure and architecture. 
  • You’ve been exposed to the architecture for a large, high scale application that integrates into multiple systems. 
  • You put users first. You believe that users should have the loudest voice in the room. You make to learn. You understand the role of validation and its place in the product development process. 
  • You’re so RESTful, even your toaster has a URL. You’re the mullet of developers: party in the frontend, business in the back. You know when to go SQL, NoSQL, and graph. You’ve got a point of view on AngularJS vs. React vs. Backbone. 
  • Your code is so clean, it’s nearly self-documenting. 
  • You’ve worked on an agile team and can sprint like Usain Bolt. 
  • Your experience is quality over quantity. Years of professional experience isn’t important, but an understanding of what it takes to build a product from scratch is. You’ve been responsible for developing products that have successfully gone to market. Your portfolio ranges across mobile/desktop and technology platforms (e.g., iOS, Android)


  • Proposing tool chain standards and practices. 
  • Deploying code and creating hooks to keep things operational. 
  • Write snappy code, from flexible JavaScript libraries to concise, reusable models. 
  • Work with the latest open-source projects designed to scale. 
  • Build system architectural components for products that create market-defining experiences. 
  • Creatively figure out how to use customer data to inform decision-making. 
  • Participate in usability testing, translating findings back into code.


  • RESTful API integration 
  • Data Architecture and Management (SQL, Hadoop, Mongo, Cassandra, Spark) 
  • Cloud and Rack-based server cluster management 
  • Scripting (Python, Javascript) 
  • Frontend Frameworks (AngularJS, React, Backbone, Sails, Node) 
  • Rapid development and deployment (Docker, Django, Bootstrap, Heroku, New Relic) 
  • Light server admin and maintenance (UNIX, AWS, Apache, Security, Report, etc.)

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