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Full Stack Software Engineer

New York, United States

Warby Parker is on the lookout for Full-Stack Software Engineers to join our super-collaborative technology team. Our engineers work closely with one another—and with people across the company—to build the different systems that help make us an exceptional and delight-inducing brand. We like to develop our own systems so that we can build the best ones for the job. (We’re talking everything from our website to our iOS apps to our order management system—and beyond!) If you’re thirsty for knowledge and looking to work on a close-knit and supportive crew, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading!

Who we are

The Warby Parker engineering team is about as transparent and cooperative as they come, and we put a lot of stock in autonomy and ongoing feedback. We don’t adhere to a prescriptive, top-down leadership model and instead give everyone a say and a stake in the work we take on. How? We seek out ideas from people all across the company, from our co-CEOs to brand-new hires, to understand what work really matters to the business and then determine where we want to devote our time and energy. (You can read way more about the process right here.) Work we’re currently excited about includes: refining our revolutionary Prescription Check app, which has patented tech behind it; supporting our rapidly growing network of stores across the U.S. and Canada; and perfecting the systems behind our complex supply chain as our business scales.

We value the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them, and are big believers in iterative, adaptive, all-hands-on-deck collaboration and continuous improvement. Our end goal is always to make the customer experience easier and happier. We know we’re changing the eyewear industry (and retail in general), and we tend to get really excited about it.

Who you are

If our team sounds like the kind you’d thrive on, we’d love to hear from you. We’re especially looking for software engineers with three or more years of professional programming experience who learn fast, like solving problems, and are eager to work with others to do just that.

In terms of hard skills, you’ll succeed as a full-stack engineer here if you have a good grasp on development and an aptitude for learning new domains. We like people who love sharing their insights and skills with their coworkers. (Maybe you’ve contributed to open-source projects in the past.) You'll do well if you have experience with SQL programming and using APIs.

There are a few specific skills that’ll set you up especially well for success here, but they’re by no means required. If you’ve coded in Python, done data modeling, designed APIs, or have experience with e-commerce, product catalogs, or SOA, let us know! And if there are particular languages or frameworks you’re interested in working with, definitely ask us about them. We dabble in a little bit of (almost) everything.

What you’ll do and what you’ll learn

As an engineer at Warby Parker, you’ll take on all kinds of projects that help deliver an uncommonly pleasant and frictionless customer experience, both online and in stores. You might work on our website, our iOS app, our custom-built point-of-sale system, our logistics and order-management systems, or any number of other programs that we use to help make shopping for glasses *way* more enjoyable than it historically has been. Plus, given the autonomy we exercise, you’ll have the opportunity to switch up the kind of work you take on or focus on a particular field for the long term.

You’ll learn a lot about different facets of our company, and learn new domains and technical skill sets as you work with your agile team. (Our current stack includes React, Python, PostgreSQL, and Swift.) You’ll participate in code reviews that help us maintain a high standard of code quality—because we’re building these systems to last and adapt with ease. And thanks to our democratic prioritization process, you’ll have a direct say in shaping the future of our business. If that’s the kind of thing that excites you, get in touch!

About us:

Warby Parker was founded in 2010 with a lofty objective: to offer designer eyewear at a revolutionary price while leading the way for socially conscious businesses. By circumventing traditional channels and designing our frames in house, we’re able to offer insanely high-quality eyewear at decidedly non-insane prices (i.e., from $95 with prescription lenses—a fraction of the going price!).
In the last eight years, we’ve grown to over 60 retail locations in the U.S. and Canada, opened our first optical lab in upstate New York, and launched two of our own iOS apps. And for three years running, Fast Company has named us one of the world’s most innovative companies.
We also hold ourselves to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility. This means lots of different things, like operating carbon-neutrally and distributing a pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair we sell. (We’re big believers that businesses can scale and be profitable while doing good in the world.)
Of course, all work and no play makes an extremely dull office, and no one likes an extremely dull office. (We sure don’t.) As an employee at Warby Parker, you can look forward to company outings, guest speakers, volunteering opportunities, and other brain- (and/or taste-bud-) stimulating activities. It also doesn’t hurt that our team is just great company.

Some benefits and perks of working at Warby Parker:

  • Health, vision, and dental insurance
  • Flexible “My Time” vacation policy
  • Retirement savings plan with a company match
  • Parental leave (non-birthing parents included)
  • Cell phone plan reimbursement
  • A health-and-wellness stipend
  • Free eyewear (plus discounts for friends and family)
  • And more (just ask!)

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