Tumblr is hiring a

Product Manager - Growth Products

New York, United States

Here’s what we need: A product manager to oversee and advance our growth and marketing products. That means defining the scope of new features, organizing engineering resources to deliver them quickly, and keeping leadership informed of their progress.

What you’ll do:

  • Help define the vision and steward the strategy for Tumblr’s growth

  • Drive the development of our communications products, manage the roadmap, and remove barriers that prevent engineers from launching great products quickly.

  • Be an internal resource for team leaders when they have questions about the product roadmap, platform integrations, and launch schedules.

  • Be the point person for other teams on anything related to our growth products, especially issues of feature innovation, retention, and partnerships with other companies.

  • Work closely with Marketing team leaders to define and prioritize internal marketing growth features, as well as third party integrations.

What we’re looking for:

  • An innovative leader with experience managing mobile product development.

  • Someone who makes good business decisions to capture recognized and unrecognized market opportunities.

  • Someone passionate about Tumblr’s vision: to build the best platform for creators and consumers of the best content anywhere on the internet.

  • Someone knowledgeable about community and social apps, naturally, who can can turn that knowledge into smart product innovations, and evaluate possible integrations with industry partners.

  • Experience optimizing a product for speed, reliability, and responsiveness across large scale technical architectures (with the help of the best darn Infrastructure team there is, of course).

  • Ability to lead complex, cross-functional projects with the involvement of multiple teams, and to balance the needs of those teams without sacrificing the quality of the product.

  • A problem solver who never stops thinking about ways to improve this particularly complex puzzle called Tumblr.

  • Someone who knows Tumblr’s product history and understands what has made us successful.


  • 4+ years as a product manager in either startups or established companies leading the development of large-scale, consumer-facing products for both web and mobile.

  • Experience integrating multiple technical infrastructures, and solving the latency issues that often accompany those integrations.

  • Thoughtfulness and a data-driven disposition.

  • Experience successfully working with multiple stakeholders.

  • All-around nice person.


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