Spencer is hiring a

React developer

You hit the ground running in our fast-paced environment, creating and maintaining a robust, scalable and user-friendly Spencer as you go.

We’re looking for an experienced front-end developer with a passion for React. You’ll help build a web-based companion to our existing mobile app.

You work as part of a multidisciplinary team, where your expertise is a vital part of our success. Collaborating with an experienced team of iOS and Android developers, you turn Spencer’s product requirements into the best employee assistant. Because Spencer is growing as a product, your work, ideas and curiosity will have a huge impact on its future.

To stay ahead, keep an eye out for emerging trends and innovative technologies - and you love doing so. When you discover something new and interesting, you cannot wait to share it with your team members, eager to pass on new knowledge - and learn from their ideas as well of course!

Finally, you’re genuinely excited to ship Spencer: after all, he was proudly built with your high-quality code!


  • You have experience in writing Single Page Applications with ES6, React and/or React Native.
  • In order to keep learning, you love to keep hunting for what the React ecosystem has to offer next and are excited to use Webpack, Redux, Apollo, GraphQL, …
  • You work on the build pipeline for your applications through Webpack and CI/CD tooling.
  • Just like us, you believe in progressive enhancement to push cutting edge technology into your applications.
  • You are motivated to audit, profile and enhance the user experience.
  • You are interested in approaches such as RAIL and PRPL.
  • You create reusable code by developing libraries that can be used across multiple projects or even open source your best work.
  • You love to read up on the newest front-end innovation, whether it is about service workers, PWA’s, Accessibility or Web-Assembly.
  • In a fast-growing environment, you’re always looking to improve and adapt to the best way of working.
  • Experience with working in Scrum is a big plus.


Because Spencer is a growing product, your work has a huge impact. Ideas and curiosity are expected and encouraged, as Spencer evolves with you. You essentially join a fast-paced environment, where one and all makes the difference.

Spencer’s secret ingredient are amazingly skilled and motivated people – your teammates. You work closely together to improve Spencer’s functionalities and user-friendliness, while optimising for the best possible performance.

Apart from the chance to flex your muscles working on a great product, Spencer also offers some extra perks. His offer includes a close-knit, informal culture, flexible hours, a healthy breakfast and lunch thanks to our in-house chefs.

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