Spencer is hiring a

React developer

When it comes to web development, you React quickly and eagerly!

You’re well-versed in the art of front-end web development, with a true passion for react development. Now that Spencer is evolving more and more in the dreamed assistant of every employee, we need someone like you to help build a web-based companion to our existing mobile app.

You always keep the user in mind when developing ideas from first spark to polished products. You create user-friendly environments by combining usability with visual design. Ultimately, you should be able to build a functional and attractive digital environment for Spencer.

We expect you to know and love working in React, but your interest goes wider. To stay ahead, you know it’s important to dive into different and innovative technologies - and you love doing so. When you discover something new and interesting, you cannot wait to share it with your team members, eager to pass on new knowledge - and learn from their ideas as well of course!


  • You develop web apps that bring beautiful experiences to the end user.
  • You have some experience in writing Single Page Applications with ES6 Javascript, ReactJS and/or React Native.
  • You can spot a less-than-optimal UX from a mile away.
  • You’re always hunting for the latest and greatest weapon to wield and are excited to start using React, Webpack, Redux, Apollo GraphQL.
  • Chrome devtools is your mistress.
  • You can profile and debug your pages like there’s no tomorrow.
  • You can’t get enough of what React Universal has to offer for frontend development and can’t wait to use it more.
  • You’re not afraid of dipping your toes into server-side technologies like node.js or Python.
  • You know the difference between unidirectional data flow and two-way binding.
  • A fast-growing environment is your perfect habitat.
  • Experience with working in Scrum is a big plus.
  • Fluent speaker of Dutch and English.


Spencer’s team is building the best, most easy-to-use mobile workplace assistant. Our secret ingredient are amazingly skilled and motivated people – your teammates. We will make sure you get to experiment with the latest technology to expand your knowledge and skills.

Because Spencer is a growing product, your work will have huge impact. Ideas and curiosity are expected and encouraged, as Spencer evolves with you.

Apart from the chance to flex your muscles working on a great product, Spencer also offers some extra perks. His offer includes an informal culture, flexible hours, a healthy breakfast and lunch thanks to our in-house chef and lots of after-work activities.

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