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QA Tester

You’re allergic to bugs and you can find even the smallest, sneakiest glitches in an application. Failing tests are your worst nightmare. You’ll go to your grave defending the many benefits of proper testing in any software project, and your enthusiasm for quality is highly contagious, infecting everyone involved in your projects.

From the start, you’re involved in testing our products. Working closely with our project managers, the engineers and our customers, you challenge user stories, conduct risk analyses and create test cases based on a project’s requirements. During development, you work together with each platform’s engineers to get all tests passed. You document and report issues and perform acceptance testing. In the end, you concisely visualise the product’s health in a test report for the entire product team.

Apart from performing the test workflow, you also see the bigger picture. You make sure the importance of quality control and test-driven development seeps into the mind and workflow of every engineer you collaborate with. You write comprehensive test plans for manual and automated testing, and work with our engineers to get the automated tests implemented. You answer everyone’s questions and nudge them towards the best practices in security and performance test setup and implementation.

You’re also responsible for knowledge sharing: you aggregate learnings over the various projects, and make sure to apply them in future testings.


  • You have experience in creating and implementing test plans for a variety of applications.
  • You believe that test automation and testing are inseparable concepts.
  • You understand how mobile and web apps are built.
  • You're familiar with the concepts of programming. Some actual professional programming experience is a huge plus!
  • You flourish in an agile environment, and love to be involved in multiple exciting project teams.
  • You’re eager to keep learning – and to constantly share your knowledge with our development team.
  • A fast-growing environment is your perfect habitat. Constant change gives you energy.
  • Experience with working in Scrum is a big plus.


You will become part of a highly-performant organisation and team with a winning mindset! Together, we raise the bar and build great experiences – pushing both our clients and you into the spearhead. While you help us take our projects to the next level, we make sure you reach your full potential.

To do so, we work hard to find the right balance between culture, individual growth and reward. November Five is a place unlike any other: our informal, driven and curious culture creates a community of complementing individuals. We co-create and support each other to keep growing, all the while encouraging autonomy and initiative.

And as a final piece of the puzzle, we ensure that our remuneration blueprint can be tailored to your personal needs and efforts. We all enjoy flexible office hours and an equally flexible income plan. There are some cherries on top, including a breakfast and fresh daily lunch, made by our own chef, and an office space you’ll be happy to call home.

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