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Developer Apprentice

The SmartLogic apprenticeship program is designed to help provide an accessible onramp to a career professional software development. It is specifically geared towards those interested in beginning or transitioning into a software development career.

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We're a web and mobile product development consultancy based in Baltimore, MD. You’ll always be learning and surrounded by smart people.

We strive to create an environment where everyone has the freedom to create the best products for our clients. What does that mean?

  1. Our team is always improving our process. Have an idea for how to work smarter? We want to hear it. We’re constantly looking for ways to build better software with less stress.
  2. No separate project management. We know you do your best work when you control the deadlines and client expectations. There are no layers in between you and the client: you have ownership of the project.
  3. We emphasize communication. We have daily standup meetings, constantly hang out on chat, and encourage open and honest communication, both internally and with our clients. This reduces stress, improves your work environment, and results in better work.


We’re looking for entry-level developers who have some exposure to software development (e.g. via a bootcamp, studies performed by yourself, or studies in a classroom environment). If you have on-the-job experience with software development then we encourage you to consider applying for our Software Developer position instead.


For the duration of the 14-week apprenticeship you will be paid $10,000 (before tax withholding, social security / medicare, and withholding for benefits). You will also avail of the other benefits available to any full-time employee of SmartLogic, most notably access to extremely affordable (in some cases free) medical, dental, and vision insurance.

The program is designed to teach apprentices to be better software developers through exposure to real-world scenarios faced by SmartLogic software developers on a daily basis. We accomplish this objective through a structured program that includes:

  • Following a course of study — tailored to you — to reinforce any skills necessary to become a full-stack developer.
  • Working directly with our existing software developers on client work.
  • Structured, organized feedback from other employees at SmartLogic.
  • Structured, regular opportunities where we’ll solicit feedback from you.
  • Mentorship from other members of our team.

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