Netflix is hiring a

Coordinator, Original Film Publicity - NYC

New York, United States
Do you live and breathe entertainment and have a passion for film? Do you stay ahead of the curve and take in the latest content across different platforms?  Do you have at least two years experience in a publicity department? And if yes, do you love every second of it? Have you checked out our culture memo? Please do so. If you are intrigued, we may have an opportunity for you.
The Opportunity
It’s the chance to be on the ground floor with a team that will handle film for the online leader, changing the perception of original films and how they should be enjoyed and celebrated. It’s a chance to take different approaches in supporting a promotional and publicity campaign for a team that moves quickly. Fueled by the broad appeal of being able to instantly enjoy unlimited movies and TV shows, Netflix has grown to have over 109 million streaming members in over 190 countries.
The Role
The Coordinator will play a key role in supporting the growing originals publicity film team.
Tasks are varied, extensive and timely. They will include but are not limited to: working with coordinator counterparts in LA to put in place a set of best practices that enable us to move quicker, bigger and better; assisting with talent travel and interview schedules - both booking travel and managing itineraries; supporting junket, festival, premiere and press day activations; coordinating with outside agencies and vendors to track contracts and ensure timely payment; assisting with meeting schedules and facilitation, including help putting together presentations and coordinating audiovisual needs; tracking top press coverage on key titles; consistently updating various lists, documents and charts on the department’s google drive; liaising with team that translates press releases for worldwide use and local agencies to distribute said releases; and other duties as assigned.

The successful candidate is:

  • Proactive. They don’t need to be nudged or reminded about their tasks and responsibilities.
  • Able to anticipate potential problems and knows when to ask for help.
  • Confident and able to express ideas thoughtfully and with passion .
  • Meticulous about the details. Every single one of them.
  • Thorough, completes tasks and follows up.
  • Scrappy, resourceful and relentless in trying to find a solution before escalating issues.
  • Aware that the world of publicity is not a 9-5 job.
  • Organized, organized, organized – i.e. there’s a label on your label maker.
  • Poised, not scared to speak up with the team, and mature.
  • Able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously under deadlines and pressure.
  • Able to pivot and adapt to shifting priorities without missing a beat.
  • A proactive and positive thinker and a contributor to the team.
  • Knows Google Drive like the back of their hand.
  • Knowledgeable about the NY media universe
  • Able to function effectively as a part of a loosely coupled but highly-aligned team.
  • Effective in dealing with global PR agencies, talent reps and internal executives.
  • A great communicator - via email, by phone, in person-and simultaneously.  
  • Able to see this opportunity as a stepping stone for a career in publicity.

The successful candidate for Film Coordinator, Originals Publicity will have at least two to three years of entertainment experience either in a studio or agency setting.  They will be a clear and concise communicator.  They will have a working knowledge of key national and local media including specialty and digital outlets.  They will have the ability to effectively research talent, filmmakers and themes for all films (long lead magazine history, film review history and key outlet history) and develop pitch ideas as necessary.  The role is global so some international experience is a bonus but not a deal breaker.
To succeed at Netflix, the candidate must also possess the following characteristics:
Demonstrated ability to think innovatively—connecting the dots when others cannot. Able to make the leap from information to insight. Able to identify, nurture and help refine compelling creative ideas and concepts.
Succinct Communicator
Great writer and clear talker. Can organize, summarize, clarify and communicate ideas simply, succinctly and accurately. Has a quick intelligence, is fast on the feet and quickly responds to issues and questions. Says it like it is; not wrapped in political niceties.
Pragmatic, Organized and Detailed
Has a big capacity to both think and ‘do’. Flourishes in a ‘hands on’ role, adding value at different levels. Is strong on detail and highly organized.
A smart minimalist
Keeps things simple. Knows that global communications can be made complex—and will resist and prevent that.
Has a Point of View
An independent thinker willing and able to express and support a point of view.
Moves quickly and enjoys having multiple projects going at once. Can change course, be scrappy and get things done within short timeframes.
Has sound judgment, and will question actions inconsistent with company values.
An Adult
Is a mature, fully-formed adult with a happy, well balanced life. Is motivated by what is best for Netflix.

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