Shopify is hiring a

Data Visualization Developer

Toronto, Canada
The RnD Programs group in Shopify is dedicated to accelerating Shopify by increasing the impact of people and teams within RnD, and where possible, across the whole company.

We do this by:
Accelerating teams with critical business systems and tools so we can move fast as we scale
Automating to reduce friction of operations so that RnD teams can focus on building product.
Educating by working with RnD experts to build growth and learning opportunities
Curating context to help people in RnD make great decisions.

The many tools and programs we build require the support of someone who can work as both a Data Visualization Developer and a Data Analyst to bring insights to our internal users from the data they put into our systems and to help our teams make the best decisions about what to build.

You would have a unique role in a unique group within Shopify, working with our Director of Getting Shit Done and the teams that build tools, systems, and education programs. You’d help these teams make better data-informed decisions by defining and measuring key metrics, designing and analyzing surveys, promoting novel analytical techniques, questioning assumptions, and telling the story of how the work of RnD Programs impacts the company. You will develop a deep understanding of our data, tools, and processes.

You’ll need to have:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science/science/economics and/or minimum 2 years experience in a data analytics or data visualization development role
  • Experience with SQL, TypeScript/JavaScript, Python + Pandas, data visualization libraries such as D3 and Highcharts, and data visualization tools such as Tableau, Mode, and Google Data Studio
  • Great organizational and interpersonal skills, with proven success building relationships across all levels
  • Experience in survey design and analysis

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