Zymergen is hiring a

Media Technician I

Emeryville, United States

Job Description and Specific Responsibilities

Zymergen is hiring for the position Technician I, Media Services. The Technician will support the high-throughput engineering and evaluation of microbes through preparation of reagents and materials for use by the Operations team. The Technician will participate alongside both the Operations and the Development teams to understand the workflows, and plan and execute the support activities. In addition, the Technician will participate in efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of the protocols used to support the Operations team.

Immediate responsibilities include:

  • Making media and performing quality control for a variety of microbes across several types of growth/production models
  • Organizing and maintaining stocks of enzymes and buffers used by teams
  • Collecting, cleaning, and restocking glassware
  • Managing storage and availability of high use consumables
  • Performing preventative maintenance on key pieces of equipment throughout the lab
  • Leading the efforts to keep the lab organized and operating efficiently

The Operations team within the company is integral to the construction and screening of thousands of microbes per week. We need support for this team from a Technician who is thoughtful, meticulous, well-organized, energetic, collaborative, and fully engaged in assisting in the execution of the workflows. This position will be among the early hires to the team. This person will shape the technical and cultural aspects of the team and establish best practices within a growing company.


We require experience in complex and intense environments. We require a work history that shows substantial skill in organizing complex projects including running several projects simultaneously, all within a fast paced workplace. We prefer candidates that have worked in manufacturing environments, developed and used protocols, and worked within intensely collaborative teams. Lastly, we look for candidates that have displayed excellence and high achievement in previous technical and non-technical work.

We prefer a Technician with experience in some or all of the following areas.

  • 2 + years of previous experience in the field of synthetic biology or related field preferred but not required. 
  • Four year science degree required

Protocols and Equipment:

  • Familiarity with techniques in molecular biology, including PCR, restriction enzyme digests, DNA sequencing sample prep, microbe transformation (bacteria, yeast, filamentous fungi); with cell physiology in microtiter plate models and in bench-scale fermentation; and with assay such as HPLC, GC, plate-based enzymatic assays, or other optical measurements
  • Understanding of sterile technique and equipment and reagent sterilization, including autoclaves and vacuum filtration usage
  • Experience preparing buffers, handling enzymes, making media, and generating competent cells

Operations and Data Analysis:

  • Experience writing, optimizing, and following complicated SOPs
  • Capability to manage multiple ongoing multiday workflows, including scheduling instrumentation, preparing reagents and materials, and executing & managing implementation
  • Ability to use software tools including those built in house and those use broadly (e.g. Excel) to track inventory, share SOPs, and analyze data
  • Ability to recognize & identify quality issues, troubleshoot more complex issues, escalate as needed. 

The position may require work outside of the normal business hours (M-F 9-6) including weekends and holidays. Our facilities are located in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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