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Research Associate II/III, Genome Sequencing

Zymergen is developing a sequencing core to support a range of applications including: sequence verification of designed strains, whole genome sequencing of new strains, and sequencing of metagenomic libraries. The sequencing core will be a cross-disciplinary team that provides critical support to operations and R&D work across the entire company.

This role is for a Research Associate who will have primary responsibility for preparing libraries for both Pacific Biosciences long read sequencing and operating the sequencer. As time permits this individual will carry out other types of sequencing and research.  The work of this Research Associate will aid essential Research and Development and contribute meaningfully genome-on-boarding. Over time this role will grow to include method development work, computational work and presentations.

Job Description and Specific Responsibilities

This role is for an RA that will be an integral part of carrying out the sequencing core’s most essential function - sequencing. In particular this role is for an Reserach Associate that will be skilled at PacBio library preparation and instrument usage.  Responsibilities will include preparing PacBio Sequencing libraries, writing SOPs for library preparation and instrument usage, work with Bioinformaticians and Software Engineers and IT staff to integrate PacBio sequencer into existing or new infrastructure and prepare sequencing libraries for other instruments.  

This Research Associate will regularly perform process improvement work based on input from the group’s other members and historic data from past sequencing runs, help generate new methods to address internal customer needs while continuing to prepare sequencing libraries.  We are looking for someone who produces high-quality data within projected timelines. There is a big customer service piece to this role supporting internal Zymergen customers.


Qualified candidate will have a BS in Biology, Computer Science, Bioinformatics or related field plus 3 years experience or MS with 1+ year professional experience.  Must have experience with PacBio sequencing preparation and experience operating a PacBio Sequel instrument.

Additional Details
This role is the first of its kind for our rapidly growing company so this is a great way to get a foot in the door at the ground level of a critical function we anticipate to be central to our research and development operations.

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