AWeber is hiring a

Senior Operations Engineer/DevOps

Chalfont, United States

The Role:

The Senior Operations Engineer role focuses on pushing forward efforts in system automation and deployment using tools like Chef and Puppet; maintaining and improving production network performance and reliability using devices by Cisco, F5, and others; working closely with developers (or doing development yourself) to build new or migrate legacy applications to AWS/Docker; and researching new solutions to help drive platform innovation in any part of the organization. The role also participates in many other initiatives, not the least of which is solidifying and furthering our commitment to collaboration and cooperation between development and operations.

A sampling of the types of projects and tasks performed by this role might include:

  • Migrating legacy systems to AWS/Docker
  • Research and build new solutions to provide new services and functionality to the internal application platform.
  • Smoothing out automated deployment pipelines
  • Automate and expand the collection and use of metrics, leveraging new & existing tools to provide visualizations to both business and technical parts of the organization.
  • Diagnosing and troubleshooting network or systems issues in an on-call rotation 


You’re an experienced engineer. You’ve worked on multiple projects in various environments. You’ve put things into production, you’ve had people use them, you’ve failed, you’ve succeeded, you’ve paid your dues, and learned your lessons. You have a passion for technology, and view what you do as a craft. You like your job, but love your work. It’s something you’d do (and have done) even if there were no money or job involved.

You enjoy working with open source languages, toolchains, systems, and databases, and are always seeking out new solutions to difficult problems. Where those solutions are found lacking, you contribute, and occasionally build your own. You are unintimidated by the unknown, and take pride in taking on hard challenges that others find untenable, and following through to a solution that creates remarkable experiences for our team and customers.

You are not a one-trick pony, and are adept at handling issues or building new things using skills in networking, systems, and code. You cringe at the thought of having to make a definitive choice between doing only software engineering or only systems and network engineering. You like to have your hands in all of it, and to be able to understand and affect change to any part of your work, front end to back end. You strongly resist pigeonholing.

You thrive in environments where technological and innovative velocity is high, and the overhead from administrivia is low. You can work well in isolation, but are happy to collaborate in a team setting, and might not even mind doing the occasional pair programming.


AWeber’s engineering team is a dynamic and exciting place to be located in Chalfont, PA - Bucks County. We use open source technologies like PostgreSQL, Python, MongoDB, Redis, Riak, Chef, Ruby, Graphite, Ecelerity (Momentum), and RabbitMQ. We use approaches to software quality like Test-Driven Development, Continuous Deployment, and a healthy addiction to metrics that give us insight into our applications, and how well they’re serving our customers. We have a mode of execution built around Kanban, and a Kaizen culture of continuous improvement. We believe in the kind of transparency, processes, data sharing, collaboration, and communication that foster a DevOps culture.


  • 100% Company Paid premiums for medical, dental, vision, insurance. (including domestic partner benefits).
  • Company Paid Short Term Disability Insurance.
  • Company Paid Life Insurance.
  • Tuition reimbursement.
  • Fully Reimbursed Gym Memberships.
  • Paid time off.
  • Paid holidays.
  • Shuttle to/from local SEPTA station.
  • 401K retirement benefits with company match.
  • Profit Sharing.
  • Free lunches every day.
  • Break rooms stocked with soda, juices, coffee and teas.
  • MacBook Pro laptops and 27" monitors.
  • Multiple high definition theater rooms fully equipped with Xbox, Wii & Blu-Ray players.
  • A game room with competition billiard, foosball, and ping-pong tables.


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