Graphiq is hiring a

Video Production Intern

New York, United States

Graphiq, armed with the largest collection of structured, live-updating data in the world, is entering the digital video industry. Our approach to video storytelling blends vivid presentations of data with specially crafted narrative to deliver both programmatically generated, as well as human curated videos to the largest digital publishers in the industry.

Video producers on our team will focus on creating authoritative, data driven videos around the largest themes in current events. Using our data visualizations, you will tell a broad range of stories ranging from American voter sentiment on critical issues, to the latest stock market tumble, to name a few.

In addition to creating specially curated videos for news coverage, producers on the team will have the unique opportunity to help craft our video automation technology, which takes incoming data about events and generates full videos in a matter of seconds. You will work with data analysts and engineers to turn artfully crafted templates into thousands of instantaneous videos.

We’re looking for natural storytellers with a strong background in video production. Technical experience working with data (MySQL, Excel, ETL, Basic Programming) is a plus but not a requirement. Applicants need not have experience with any particular editing software, as all work will be done via Graphiq’s proprietary platform.

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