VaynerMedia is hiring a

Tracer: Full Stack Developer

New York, United States

Tracer is a data platform for marketing efficiency.  Our technology was born out of the challenges facing today’s marketers.  Incubated within VaynerMedia, we provide transparency into the performance of media investments by aggregating cross-platform data and adding business context.  Tracer has a proven track record of empowering better decisions with over $400 million traced across more than 50 brands globally.

We are looking for individuals who are interested in transforming the way that advertising works, and who are eager to use technology as the catalyst for change. As a data-driven group of engineers, we believe that tremendous value can be added to advertising when the right tasks can be abstracted, and evaluated programmatically.

General Qualifications

  • You adapt quickly, and are comfortable not always having a long runway.  The landscape we work in is nascent, and rapidly changing.
  • You firmly believe there is a line between the tasks best suited for individuals, and those best suited for machines. You are constantly looking to re-draw that boundary.
  • You are perpetually curious. We value individuals who can not only provide first-class solutions, but can also ask the right questions.
  • You enjoy working on a small team, and the challenge of juggling responsibilities so that above all else, deadlines are met.
  • You are interested in the space, and not just its applications with regards to AdTech + data science. We believe the best technology comes from a true understanding of the problem, which requires a willingness to absorb as much “context” as possible.
  • You love to solve problems by creating software that scales. We never want to build the same solution twice, and solving a problem for one person should solve that same problem for everyone else. Our job is to make the rest of the company more efficient.


  • Help to quickly scale the team by mentoring new members
  • Learn and work with the entire tech stack
  • Take ownership of areas of the project you are most interested in
  • Work closely with the paid advertising and analytics teams to develop the product

Required Skills / Experience

  • 2-5 years experience as an engineer with a full stack project
  • BA or BS degree in Computer Science, Statistics or applicable field

- or -

  • Graduate of a coding bootcamp with a strong technical background

Tech Stack - direct experience not required, but experience with similar tools a strong plus

  • Python / Pandas
  • Django REST framework
  • Heroku / AWS
  • Ember / Coffeescript / Sass
  • PostgreSQL

Our Team

  • We are a small, focused, and collaborative team
  • New members quickly take on responsibility of larger parts of the application
  • While your focus may be on one part of our technology stack we know that engineers love to learn, and we encourage you to continue to learn all of our tools


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