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Software Engineer, Partner Integrations

Redwood City, United States
The Partner Integrations team is responsible for developing new apps, product integrations, and frameworks to support our growing list of strategic partners and inspire the broader ecosystem of developers. We are a fast paced and high impact team that is helping Box and our partners build world-class enterprise solutions that will both delight and empower our customers.
As a Software Engineer, you will have a strong technical voice on our team and will uphold high code standards. Your technical guidance will help drive the architecture, design, and implementation of integrations and frameworks to connect Box with SaaS providers across the enterprise. We will look to you to write high quality, robust, maintainable code and mentor newer engineers to do the same. You will own complex projects with both internal and external dependencies which will give you influence across multiple teams at Box and with our enterprise partners who are some of the biggest tech companies in the world.
Box is building a content, collaboration, and workflow platform which hundreds of thousands of companies and developers are using to power their own businesses. We aim to help our customers, strategic partners, and developers build transformative applications using this platform that makes it easy to share content, connect content to workflows, preview content in countless formats, audit access control to this content, and much, much more.
  • You have a passion for making software more useful through product integrations that make work easier and more efficient
  • You have developed against a broad set of APIs and can provide meaningful feedback on API designs
  • You are constantly learning and improving as an engineer
  • You have a solid understanding of the full web technology stack
  • You have an academic background in Computer Science or a related field
  • You have experience as a software engineer with experience in PHP, C#, Python, Ruby or Java (PHP preferred)
  • You have developed an app using the Box APIs
  • You have prior experience with Google Drive, Office Online, Salesforce, or DocuSign APIs
  • You have led or contributed to open source projects
  • You contribute to developer communities such as Stack Overflow or GitHub
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