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Senior Software Engineer (C++ or Python)

Mountain View, United States

At, we believe Deep Learning can help bring the first self-driving vehicles to market.  Our goal is to improve people’s lives by transforming mobility in a cost effective way that can impact everyone, not just those buying automobiles at the very high end of the market.  We’re looking for passionate Engineers excited to shape the autonomous vehicle revolution and beyond.

 As a Senior Software Engineer, you’ll work with cross-functional teams, helping create the infrastructure for our deep learning full stack, that will be the brain of the self-driving car.  We are looking for someone who relishes developing software to make safety critical decisions on a robotic platform in a matter of milliseconds.  You will need to thoroughly understand the problem space and work with cross-functional teams to design and implement solutions.


  • Software architecture, development, and scaling of backend systems
  • Build systems for training and evaluating deep learning systems on large datasets
  • Experience optimizing algorithms for real-time performance
  • You will quickly learn new concepts and create working prototypes
  • Comfortable interfacing with other team members to ensure all aspects of our algorithmic solution integrate seamlessly
  • Work independently and effectively in a fast-paced, dynamic environment as part of a multi-disciplinary team


  • Experience in C/C++ or Python, Linux development environment
  • Experience with computer vision projects and deep learning
  • 5+ years of industry work experience
  • BS in CS, EE, Mathematics, Robotics, Mechatronics or related field
  • Background in linear algebra and calculus (e.g. computer graphics, projections, matrix operations)
  • Skilled in analyzing test results and communicating results with engineering teams
  • Experience working with large data sets
  • Passion for owning the code you develop and ship


  • Familiarity with vehicle systems
  • Experience working with robotics software, including ROS, OpenCV, PCL, OpenGL, TensorFlow etc.
  • Broad knowledge of all sensor systems and sensor fusion, including cameras, LIDAR, RADAR, etc.
  • Experience with Hadoop, MapReduce, MySQL

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