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Technical Consultant - South America

São Paulo, Brazil
We need a few GREAT Technical Consultants in South America!

Even the best software requires a great implementation team for project success. Our Professional Services team has built Guidewire's unmatched level of customer success through a lean, collaborative approach to core system implementation.
Listening to customers who told us that they could not afford the disruption and costs of runaway projects, we sought to innovate in implementation to the same degree that we had in software development. Today, several key characteristics distinguish a Guidewire project:
  • Small team of veteran consultants with overlapping skills, insurance experience, and Guidewire product expertise
  • Rigorously quantitative work planning based on fact-base of successful implementations
  • Project execution organized into month-long "sprints" to maintain urgency and accountability
  • Complete knowledge transfer to customers
As representatives of a product-oriented company, Guidewire consultant teams are completely aligned with customer goals:  project success, on time and on budget. Combined with the great configurability of our solutions, this has allowed Guidewire to achieve closer alignment with customer requirements at consistently lower Total Cost of Ownership. 

Guidewire is growing our professional services team based on strong customer demand.  We have an immediate need for a Technical Consultant who can work on-site implementing our product for property & casualty insurance carriers in South America.  They will be based in Brazil, but travel to customers in the region. Our software is a large, packaged software application that is integrated in a multi-tier web application environment using standard technologies like web services and JMS messaging. The Technical Consultant should be able to design, program, test and deploy complicated integration software using our internally-designed language Gosu, as well as Java.  Gosu runs on the Java Virtual Machine and is 100% compatible with Java (
The purpose of a foundation in OOD/OOP is to understand the complexities of the integration solutions we design while we are onsite. The ideal background would be in JAVA, C#, Scala, C++, or SmallTalk.
Technical Consultants are expected to spend the majority of their time on site with the customer's business and technical teams. Guidewire employs a flexible travel model that requires consultants to be on site four days per week and away from home three nights per week. Consultants work the fifth day from their home office. These roles represent Guidewire Software to our customer. The position requires a unique blend of technical expertise, design skills, programming skills, and customer-facing skills. 
Essential Duties:
  • Learn and master your assigned Guidewire product in order to perform technical consulting and achieve certification
  • Use Java and Gosu, Guidewire’s open source language, to integrate and configure our software at insurance carriers throughout North American
  • Consult with insurance carrier technical resources to qualify technical and business requirements
  • Become a subject matter expert in insurance industry technical solutions as well as a Gosu expert
Required Skills & Experience
Technical Expertise/Requirements:
  • Exceptional integration skills using advanced OOD/OOP and messaging for n-tier applications integration as a hands-on programming resource, not simply architecture
  • Background in big 5 consulting firm or equivalent in a customer facing role
Functional & Interpersonal Domain Expertise:
  • Capability to communicate clearly and efficiently
  • Strong oral and written communications skills including English language skills and ideally one or more of the following other languages: Italian, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Finnish, Chinese, Japanese (desired not required)
  • Consulting & Leadership Skills - Ability to adapt to various work settings and serve in an advisory/leadership role
  • Ability to handle technical leadership tasks (Solution Design, Estimating)
  • Willingness and ability to travel 80%
  • Portuguese and/or Spanish language fluency
Customer Focus/Team Work
  • Ability to work with a variety of customers from different departments in large and small groups
  • Dedication to delivering exceptional results
  • Strong personal initiative and ability to personally execute with minimal oversight
  • Cross functional skills and experience working on small teams
Our Values
The Guidewire team is very proud of the reputation we have earned in the industry. We take great pride in the products we build and the manner in which we operate as a company and on an individual level.
  • We live and operate by three basic principles. These are the same principles upon which Guidewire was founded and they remain at the heart of all we do today:
  • We value integrity in everything that we do: truthful relationships with customers, prospective customers, partners, investors, and each other.
  • We are dedicated to rationality: communicating through clear arguments, building excellent quality products, and making decisions carefully on the basis of factual evidence.
  • We prize collegiality: working together as professional equals, with a minimum of hierarchy.
Why Guidewire?
Guidewire has been chosen by more than 178 general insurance carriers of all size and lines of business as a trusted software vendor. We believe it is due to our modern architecture as the first comprehensive, integrated platform for insurance operations built on state-of-the-art technology. There is also our product quality; each of our products goes through 26,000 unit tests each time an engineer makes a change. We look for bugs so our customers don’t have to.
Guidewire has been the leader in claims systems in North America since 2003, with more selections than any competitor among carriers of any size. Guidewire’s team includes executive and professionals with deep experience in both insurance and technology at companies including The Hartford, AIG, GEICO, McKinsey, Oracle, Seibel, Motorola, Ariba and d Kana. Guidewire was founded to meet the needs of the P&C insurance industry. The company is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with offices in London, Munich, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo, and Toronto, in addition to a geographically dispersed team of sales and services staff. Guidewire is publicly traded on NYSE under symbol: GWRE

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