3D Hubs is hiring a

3D Hubs Student Ambassador USA


Join the 3D Printing Movement 

In 2013 we started our journey to connect all 3D printers globally into one online platform and make them locally accessible. Today, we’re providing over one Billion people access to 3D printing within 10 miles of their home. With your help, we’ll connect students to fast, affordable 3D printing services near campus. Join us on our mission to accelerate a future of distributed manufacturing! 

Your Mission: 

Be a 3D Printing entrepreneur. As a 3D Hubs Student Ambassador, you’ll be empowered to spread the promise and possibilities of 3D printing around campus. You’ll increase awareness of 3D printing and the 3D Hubs brand, while growing 3D printing orders for your community as well as your own Hub. You’re excited by taking on challenges and you’re ready to take ambitious innovative initiatives. 

Grow the brand. Scout opportunities to drive your fellow students into the world of 3D printing. Activities include: hosting lectures and workshops, laying down marketing plans, educate fellow students and spreading kick-ass branding materials. Also be aware of the market you're targeting: 3D Hubs is the best friend needed by any student during projects deadlines! 

Work hard, play hard. As 3D Hubs student ambassador you’ll be part of the largest student 3D printing network. Build relationships with other fellow ambassadors from all Universities in the world. We have an online channel, Slack, that we use everyday for tips and tricks, and the monthly Ambassador Hangout, to celebrate achievements.