GeriMedica is hiring a

Senior Java Software Engineer

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Are you a Java (JEE) software developer and ready to deepen your technical knowledge, while making the world a better place? Join our team of seasoned developers and medical experts and apply now!


About the company

Gerimedica (founded in 2007) is backed by the VU medical center and three large care centres. We believe that good care for vulnerable people and the chronically ill is essential to our society. Our Electronic Medical Record (EMR), called Ysis, is tailor made for medical professionals in the long-term-care. 50+ Healthcare organisations in the Netherlands currently use Ysis, and it integrates with more than 20 external applications.

Our team has 23 people, and our dev team of 6 works in strong collaboration with 6 developers from Trifork. In this way you will have the best of both worlds: a specialised partner to stimulate your further technical growth, combined with daily practical input from colleagues who are working across the country to improve healthcare.


The Role

You will be challenged in the front-end, back-end and integrations with external platforms. As you might imagine, reliability and security are super important. Within Java EE, you will work with the Spring framework. Our platform uses event-driven architecture, which we implement with the Axon framework. Developing in Axon is quite challenging, as it forces you to think in an additional dimension: time. Implementing new routines will not only alter the most recent state of a record, but all historical states as well, while preserving history and integrity of all previous events altering that record.



  • You will write well designed, testable, efficient code
  • You will expand functionality, security and reliability in our Java (JEE/J2EE) platform
  • You will build software using the Spring and Axon (event-driven architecture) frameworks
  • You will integrate components into a fully functional system
  • You will build & maintain integrations with other software systems


What we offer

  • Fun colleagues, that take their work seriously
  • We aim for high-quality software, but you can make mistakes and learn
  • Using & learning our tech stack of JEE (Spring), Microservices, Axon, Solr, Elasticsearch, MongoDB
  • Enjoying Continuous Integration environment
  • An informal, non-hierarchical organisation
  • Flexibility in when and where you work
  • Free & healthy daily lunch (yes! There is such a thing)



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