Tradeo is hiring a

HR & Recruitment Specialist

Sofia, Bulgaria

As one of our HR buddies, you will team up with our HR Generalist and strive to bring more to our people. What this means is, you will be directly involved in contributing to the growth and happiness factor of our small tech-savvy team. One of your strategic missions will be to make everybody feel special and appreciated. As part of this, you will engage in organizing cool company gatherings and team buildings! 

Besides the internal social events, there are some major professional conferences and forums where we want to be noticed, and you will really, really help spreading the word. You will strategically research upcoming events and will make sure to involve Tradeo either as a participant or as a sponsor (or both). If it is a career event, then you will proudly represent the company and bring brand awareness to potential employees. 

In the meantime, you will also take care of some personnel record administration, so we can keep up with legal requirements.

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