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We have a number of opportunities to join our Academy developing skills, learning working process, achieving a recognised qualification and of course getting paid!!


Behind every great software product is an equally great tester. Once a product reaches a certain point in its development the testers get involved to see if it works. Testing plays and important part in the development of new software and products, for example; on-line bank accounts, on-line shopping, checkout tills at the supermarket and mobile phones.

It is the job of the Test Analyst to measure the quality of the product; a quality product is one that meets the specification and is delivered on time, they do this by trying to find as many defects with the product as possible, so that if it is delivered with defects, they are low impact defects.


Software testing is less technologically focused than software development, but that does not mean it is inferior. It offers you opportunity to fully utilise your critical thinking and creativity to discover or see things that others do not see. It can be interesting, and intellectually challenging. You have to think out of the box; think of things and situations that others have overlooked. If those elusive defects were easy to find, they probably wouldn't be there.


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