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Product Owner

Liverpool, United Kingdom

The Role

Product Ownership is a role devised as part of the changing world of business and the need for an Agile approach to project development.

  • To the Engineering Team, a Product Owner represents the needs of the Stakeholders by capturing and prioritising a project’s vision & requirements and reporting these as non-technical, behaviourally-driven tasks.
  • To a Stakeholder, a Product Owner represents the Engineering Team by managing the expectations of a project’s delivery using appropriate timescales and versioning based on estimated workload and development pace.
  • It is a Product Owner’s responsibility to be proactive to both the needs and issues their Project’s Engineers and Stakeholders to ensure that effective solutions are implemented to ensure a Project’s development remains hyper-productive.


Key Responsibilities

Understand the customer needs and gather product requirements.

Develop new products and enhance existing products at all stages of the application life-cycle.

Engage closely with the engineering team to help determine the best technical implementation methods as well as a reasonable execution schedule.

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