We Are Nova is hiring a

Product Owner (12-Month Placement)

Liverpool, United Kingdom

This is an exciting opportunity for talented individuals looking to join our unique Digital Product Development team based in Liverpool.


Our Product Ownership placement is a 1 year, full time, paid placement where you will be a part of our close knit team. You will get the chance to gain experience in digital product development, from User Experience design to Software Development, but also be given the chance to prove yourself and become an invaluable asset to Nova.


The Role

Product Ownership is a role devised as part of the changing world of business and the need for an Agile approach to project development.

  • To the Development Team, a Product Owner represents the product by capturing and prioritising a product’s vision & requirements and reporting these as non-technical, behaviourally-driven tasks.
  • To a client, a Product Owner represents the Development Team by managing the expectations of a product’s delivery using appropriate time scales and versioning based on estimated workload and development pace.
  • It is a Product Owner’s responsibility to be proactive to both the needs and issues their Project’s Engineers and Stakeholders to ensure that effective solutions are implemented to ensure a Project’s development remains hyper-productive.
  • As an placement student, you will undergo an induction programme designed to bring you up to speed with our tools and practices. Once you have completed this programme you will join our experienced group of Product Owners and be placed on real products while given ownership over their development and delivery.
  • We have a commitment to the continuing development of our placement students. Our scheme is designed so that placement students under-go a 12 month placement and, if successful, return to University with the offer of a part-time job during their final year and full time position waiting for them upon graduation.  

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