Ampyx Power is hiring a

Junior Algorithms Engineer

Melbourne, Australia

Ampyx Power is an innovative company developing an ‘Airborne Wind Energy’ system and will be launching it on the market in the next few years. We’re looking for an Algorithms Engineer to help us achieve our upcoming milestones. Are you looking for a job in the area of modelling and control systems design? And, do you want to make your unique contribution to develop a pioneering wind technology for generating sustainable energy? Then we’re looking for you!

Your role includes the following activities and skills:
As a member of the Algorithms Team, you will support the development and verification of computational algorithms for our systems.  Within our company, algorithm engineers generate Simulink models of the complete system and use these to aid in design and analysis.  The core algorithms are translated into embedded production code by means of an autocoder.  As such, the junior algorithms engineer will be gain good knowledge of both control systems and algorithms design, as well as basic software engineering principles. The main tasks you will be working on are:

  • System modelling, including 6-DOF and flexible body models
  • Sensor modelling, such as inertial measurement units, air data, GNSS
  • Model validation, including comparisons with characterization data
  • Control algorithm development, including analysis and tuning of control laws
  • Logic-based algorithm development, including health monitoring and complex decision chains
  • Supporting system analysis tasks, including simulations
  • Supporting system verification, including generation of test cases

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