Ampyx Power is hiring a

Chief Pilot / Test Engineer The Hague, the Netherlands/ Geelong, Australia

Den Haag, Netherlands

Ampyx Power is an innovative company developing an ‘Airborne Wind Energy’ system, a transformative technology that will be launched on the market in the next few years. We’re looking for a Chief Pilot / Test Engineer to help us achieve our upcoming milestones. Do you have extensive unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), aviation and related safety experience? And, do you want to make a  unique contribution pioneering the development of a technology to produce cheap and sustainable energy for the future? Then we’re looking for you!

Ampyx Power plans to operate a test centre in the Geelong area (near Melbourne, Australia) from early 2018. Initially, you will go through an extensive training period, learning to operate the current “AP-2’ PowerPlane prototype situated in Kraggenburg (Noordoostpolder, the Netherlands). This means you will be deployed in The Netherlands first, and then you will travel to Australia with the next iteration ‘AP-3’ prototype in late 2017 / early 2018. 

The Chief Pilot / Test Engineer is responsible for the safety of flight operations. You will be required to acquire a deep understanding of PowerPlane systems – hardware, software and processes.The role involves operating the AP-2, maturing operational processes to an AP-3 acceptable level and developing a pilot training program. As AP-3 matures you will move towards becoming an interface between pilots and PowerPlane technical development. You will translate requested tests into flight plans, and new features and capabilities into flight procedures. With your expert knowledge and enthusiasm, you will ensure that Ampyx Power delivers on its promise of innovation.
In particular you will be working on:

  • Flight campaigns including logistics, preparation of equipment, updating of all relevant logbooks, test field preparations and defining test objectives and sequence;
  • Maintain flight operations checklists, procedures, manuals and logging in strong collaboration with flight crew; 
  • Act as captain during flight operations, including safety and field management during test campaigns;
  • Prepare the AP-3 operational documentation;
  • Coordinate the flight operations of AP-3;
  • Incident processing and mitigating measures.

Your role includes the following activities and skills:
As a member of the flight operations team, you will be responsible for operational matters affecting the safety of the flying operations of the operator as well as training of the remote pilot. 
You will make sure that:

  • Ampyx’s air operations are conducted in compliance with the Act and the Regulations;
  • A record of qualifications held by each controller is maintained;
  • Operational standards are monitored, and the training of pilots is supervised;
  • A complete and up-to-date reference library of operational documents as required by the authority for the class of operations conducted is maintained. 

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