Karify is hiring a

Karify DevOps engineer

Utrecht, Netherlands

Karify is looking for a DevOps engineer, who is intrinsically motivated and able to balance "the right tools for the right job" with "keep it simple stupid", because that's the way to keep developers and managers at ease.

Karify is an e-health application. In other words: a web based platform used by healthcare professionals to deliver online care. Psychologists and GPs alike use Karify to treat patients with depression, addition of anxiety problems, among others. This radically changes the way healthcare works, making continuity and smooth performance critical. After successfully starting in the Netherlands, we are currently expanding beyond country borders.

We like to say Karify is currently e-health's hottest property, and the best news is: you can be part of this! You will work in an innovative company changing the way healthcare works and making people healthier while doing that. Interested? This is what we are looking for:

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