Karify is hiring a

Service Desk Specialist

Utrecht, Netherlands

Job description

We at Karify need you in our team to support our most valued users. Daily thousands of users work with our application. As a Service desk specialist for the Dutch market, you will have active interaction with our users by providing support & services. Every call matters and offers us a way to improve our software application, we need you to identify these issues, work closely with our software engineering team, consultants to improve on a daily bases. As a specialist you will identify, test, reproduce, document and solve every issue. But most off all be in contact with patient, psychologist and managers.

Karify is an e-mental health platform that supports your therapy sessions with online treatment. Karify allows doctors and psychologists to offer face-to-face meetings with online exercises, tailored medical information and ways to communicate safely Karify helps them to keep track of your patients progress. It enables you to create behavioral change through feedback, monitoring and data. 

We will train you to learn all the skills a specialist needs in working for a cloud software company, thus providing a great opportunity to grow with Karify. We are expanding in locally and internationally.

Be part of our great team, we all work on Karify in our mission to change mental healthcare.

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