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Creative Profile Writers - Part Time


Are you a freshly qualified English Lit varsity student, a school leaver that spent all your spare days filling the pages of your diary with creative writing, or an aspiring writer with spare time on your hands who sometimes wonders what happened to grammar?  Do you shake your head at the misuse of apostrophes? Or should that be apostrophe’s?  (See what we did there!  Clever right?)  The ‘YOU’ we are looking for excelled in English at school, You love scouring the pages of your pinterest account because you have an eye for detail and imaging with an appreciation that first impressions count. We want you want to take care of our customers, by showing them off in their best possible light.


We are growing at a rate we never expected thus we require the services of PART TIME content creatives. We are completely negotiable on the terms of engagement, so you can decide how long you want to be a part of our team! (Spoiler alert: You probably would never want to leave)


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