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When people think event planning, we want them to think Eventerprise. Your role will be to make that happen through great writing – think of it as your career grand slam!

At Eventerprise, We’re not in the business of providing jobs, we can’t. We’re in the opportunity business or more excitingly described to as talent incubation. We’ve all been there before, we’ve got hours under our belts and time in the saddle and we’re doing it again - a band of like minded pioneers all in it together to get the job done. Titles, job descriptions, high end salaries and office hours are not applicable here and nor are doing things by the book. We are here because we are passionate about our brand and all share one common goal... We're on a mission to connect the global events industry!

Quite simply, after receiving training on our how to follow our story guidelines, you will be responsible for writing great content for blog posts, newsletters, social media, client profiles and press releases.

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