Bonagora is hiring a

Javascript Developer

Berlin, Germany


The one liner is: The Bonagora business-to-business platform streamlines the procurement process between buyers and sellers in the Home & Living Industry.


For the interested, there will be some more "official" text at the end of this posting.

Simplified, we are building the leading B2B platform for an industry that is worth $400B/year, but doesn't use the advantages of the digitized world. There are many complexities in the communication between manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers and we try to make these complexities as transparent as possible. Together with a RESTful API and the mobile apps we are building, our webapp provides back office functionality for industry stakeholders.

The core of our platform, however, is our global Marketplace which hosts tens of thousands of products and helps thousands of buyers perform their business on a day-to-day basis. Although we develop complex B2B software and spend a lot of time making all the cogs operate seamlessly, we also pay a lot of attention to the design and UX. Working on these products provides a lot of interesting challenges. We’ve developed many features, but there are still many facing us in the months ahead.

We have ideas, we have requirements, we have the willingness, now we need more people. Our current frontend stack includes: Backbone, Grunt, Handlebars, SASS, some Python (for testing), the other usual suspects (Underscore, JQuery) and other minor libraries. But we're open to other suggestions and, if justifiable, willing to plan for them.


We are looking for a person who is:

  • Honest, responsible and hard-working
  • ​Enjoys programming
  • Communicates and collaborates easy
  • Speaks English

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