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Product & Design Manager

Singapore, Singapore

At Arto we build a product that will change the way people discover, access and enjoy art. With our art recommendation engine we connect people to art that is to their taste. Through an innovative user experience that let's the user cast his recommended art playlist via a mobile app onto their TV, we bring art in a digital form into the living room. This makes art easily accessible and opening up the scene to millions of people around the globe.


What you’ll do

Fresh from a new round of funding we are hiring an experienced Product & Design Manager. In this hands-on role you bridge the technical, design and commercial aspects of the business. You will design the UI/UX, work closely with the development team to implement designs, write job stories and requirements, and perform user research. You lead the scrum process, and usher projects through their entire lifecycle. 


This is your chance to work at the absolute forefront of art and technology - to think big and to completely reimagine the way we discover, collect and enjoy art.


The recruitment process

To make it easier for us to hire you, please summarise why we should hire you at Arto. Education and work experience are important, but we are especially keen to hear about cool projects that you have worked on in the past.


Shortlisted candidates will go through a phone interview within a week from applying. If all goes well we will invite you over for a coffee chat to talk through your experience and give you a sneak peak of the stuff that we are working on.

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