Zerocopter is hiring a

Software Engineer

Groningen, Netherlands

Technology has become an incredibly important aspect for most companies. It's how we store

our data and where we manage most of our processes. It's crucial for this technology to be 

secure. This is where we come in. Our platform allows companies to perform automated 

scheduled security scans, have top­notch security experts pen­test their products and gives 

them an easy way to manage their responsible disclosure programs. All of these incoming 

vulnerability reports will be reviewed and triaged by our internal team of experts.


As a software engineer at Zerocopter you’ll help us build out our automated security scanners, 

implement algorithms to detect duplicate findings from researchers, set up automated VPN 

connections for researchers to securely connect to our clients’ networks and much more.


The core Zerocopter platform is built in Ruby on Rails. For storage we use Postgres, for 

queueing and caching we use Redis and Memcache, all of this runs on Heroku. Some of our 

scanners are 3rd party tools written in various languages, hosted on AWS. We have some small 

services built in Hanami.rb and are playing around with some services in Elixir but the majority 

of our work is in Ruby.


You'll be joining a seasoned team in an early stage startup and will work with some of the best 

engineers and ethical hackers, and have a meaningful impact on our products and technology.


We offer

● Develop new features to help both our customers and security researchers 

● Write code that's easy to read and maintain 

● Mentor junior developers 

● Identify parts of the codebase that could be extracted into libraries and open sourced 

● Contribute to open source 

● Help shape our (technical) roadmap, collaborate on architecture questions 

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