Tractable is hiring a

Deep Learning Researcher (PhD)

London, United Kingdom

At Tractable you will be working with a tight-knit team, taking a data-driven approach to solve real-world machine learning problems with deep learning. We have a track record of taking cutting edge research and making it work for real products: we have a team of experienced researchers and engineers, the necessary resources (in-house labelling and domain experts) and a large volume of data (100M+ images) to train our algorithms.

We deal with automating complex visual tasks that typically require decades of domain knowledge, and our main focus right now is the auto industry. By combining rich metadata on historical repairs, the knowledge of domain experts, and photos of vehicle damage, our objective is to train models that can generate complete and complex auto insurance estimates using only images of the accident as input, whilst matching the granularity and accuracy of a human assessor.

We welcome applications from ambitious candidates ready to make an impact from day one and determined to build AI systems with real world impact.


  • Design and implement creative research solutions to big problems with the possibility to have significant commercial impact

  • Adapt the latest developments from the lab (in domain adaptation, metric learning, multi-task learning etc.) to work in real-world settings

  • Identify and prioritise research directions and adapt research processes as the company expands

  • Advocate and guide strategy for design and product direction

  • Mentor and advise other researchers, and share your experience and knowledge

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