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Machine Learning

Gurgaon, India

At Zomato, we deal with mountains of user data in the form of reviews, photos, and comments. To make our product smarter, personalized, and more enjoyable to use, we use a variety of Machine Learning techniques.

As a Machine Learning engineer at Zomato, you will be working on a number of interesting problems across a wide range of use cases, like restaurant recommendations, identifying and controlling spam/biased reviews, mining useful insights from reviews, classifying user photos, and even restaurant search ranking – things aimed at improving the customer experience and the product overall. As a key member of our engineering team, you will contribute to all aspects of the software life cycle: design, implementation, testing, experimentation, and fixing any bugs you create. We’re looking for someone who is willing to dive deep, experiment and iterate rapidly, and get things done.


Here's what you'll do everyday:

  • Maintain and optimise the large-scale Machine Learning infrastructure that powers our Search ranking models.
  • Use Natural Language Processing to understand text content like reviews and comments on Zomato, to extract useful content such as dish tags, review summaries/highlights, sentiment analysis from reviews, and also improve our bias-detection algorithms.
  • Build and constantly improve our restaurant and dish recommendation engines, to show users relevant, useful content based on their history, preferences, time of day etc.
  • Work with other engineers to implement algorithms, abstractions and systems in an efficient way, with strong positive impact on our user-facing products
  • Identify new opportunities to apply Machine Learning to different parts of the Zomato product.
  • Take end-to-end ownership of Machine Learning systems - from data pipelines and training to real-time prediction engines

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