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Design Your Own Role

Singapore, Singapore

Want to work for a funded startup in Singapore that is building the next generation of artificial analysts for marketers? 


Nugit turns data into insights and presentation-ready reports to support some of the largest marketers, agencies and technologies companies across the world. Join our team to build the next generation of Nugit SDKs, services and algorithms that automatically produce presentation ready reports in many different formats from super interactive web views, TV, old school formats such as Email, PowerPoint, and APIs that other applications can use to present Nugit data.


This is your chance to work at the absolute forefront of technology, design and customer service. Nugit’s team comes from 14 different countries, and specializes in many different technologies and areas such as Design, Data Engineering, Visualization, SaaS applications. 


In Nugit, we believe everyone contributes their unique skills and experience to create an awesome environment for learning, challenging yourself and delivering value to the marketing services industry. This is your chance to define your responsibilities, deliverables and the role you wish to take up. Nugit gives you the choice of defining who you will be in the company, how and where you work from and what you will work on. 


Send us a copy of your CV and write to us describing: 

  • How you wish to contribute to the company
  • What responsibilities you wish to undertake 
  • What would be your role in the team

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