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Global PPC Manager @ Helloprint

Rotterdam, Netherlands


As Global PPC Manager, you are responsible for all our paid online channels: SEA, Display Marketing (including Remarketing and Paid Social) and Affiliate Marketing. You work in Team Traffic Acquisition. Team Traffic Acquisition is working with a so called "Growth Hacking” mentality, where everything we do is related to growth and the acquisition of (new) customers. 


You report to the Head of Traffic Acquisition and are in close contact with the Global SEO Manager and (Offline) Marketing Manager. The three of you are responsible for getting the highest number of new customers (with the highest expected Customer Lifetime Value) in all our countries. Together with your team (consisting out of a Senior PPC Marketer, a Junior PPC Marketer, a Display Marketer, a Multimedia Designer and 2 high potential interns) you strive to reach the exciting targets (and go beyond them). 

You also work closely with the Product Performance Marketers to create profitable campaigns for the products in their portfolio. That benefits you both: you acquire more new customers and the Product Performance Marketer sells more.

Your main responsibility is to let Helloprint the search engines and manage profitable campaigns. With different brands in multiple European countries and more than 2 million keyword searches each month, this is a huge opportunity to further grow our business.



As Global PPC Manager at Helloprint you need to have the following competences:

  • Clear vision on SEA and Display Because the search environment is changing so fast, you need to be up to date on all aspect of online search (paid and organic) by know all blogs and best practices in the market and make sure that your team also does. Same counts for Display: you are an expert and knows how to set up a strategy. Only this way, you can create and implement a top level international PPC strategy.
  • Managerial skills To get the best possible results, you need to get everything out of your team. You are able to create a machine that is learning and improving every day and is extremely focused on results. You are also able to work with the best international agencies to get maximum results.
  • Data driven You know that you can only achieve the best possible results by letting the data tell you if you are on track. You work with state-of-the-art reports to get the best possible insights and make your decisions always on data and not gut feeling.
  • Decision maker You need to constantly make responsible decisions on prioritizing projects for the team. As Global PPC Manager at Helloprint you’re constantly prioritizing the requirements and reprioritize them as the team moves through Sprints.
  • Working with big budgets At Helloprint we work with €4.000.000+ budgets for our paid marketing campaigns. You need to have experience with big budgets and can handle the responsibility to work with it.



As a Global PPC Manager at Helloprint your main responsibilities will consist of: 

  • Identify opportunities through research and analysis. You use keyword research, competitor analysis and analytics to find out where the team should work on. 
  • You create a top level international PPC strategy which makes us better than every worldwide competitor. 
  • You take full ownership on PPC performance. You make sure we reach our targets (or outperform them). 
  • Empower and collaborate with your team to unlock their full potential. You encourage your team to be the very best, you inspire with great new insights and you are a true leader and team developer. 
  • Analyse, understand and share learnings from experimentation to build a strong knowledge base of the product. You documentate everything you do in a structured way, you share your insights via internal blogs, inspiration meetings and so on so that everyone in our company is becoming a little bit better every day.. 
  • You make sure your reports to top management are punctual and down to the last detail. And you know no one have questions about your report because everything is in there. 
  • You make sure every part of our PPC strategy and tactics is super scalable, so we can launch a dozen new countries at any given time. 
  • You align with and build relationships with big partners as Google, Bing and international agencies and you enlarge your network constantly by connection with bright and shiny professionals in other markets to extend your knowledge. 


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