VaynerMedia is hiring a

Creative Director

New York, United States


tl;dr - I am responsible for the quality of the work and the relationship of my assigned clients.

Simply put, I have the most critical job in the department. I am responsible for the success of all
clients/projects assigned to my pod. This means I am accountable for the effectiveness of the
work, the quality of its production, the health of the client relationship and the morale, work
ethic and progress of my pod members.

I co-author each brief with strategy and account management. I work with delivery and project
management to make sure the right teams are working on the right projects. During the
concepting phase, I also put in time working on ideas. When reviewing work, my feedback is
clear, concise and actionable.

I ensure that all work presented to the client is realistic in terms of timing and production costs.
Once work is sold, I collaborate with members of the studio production team to create a
production plan. I approve all production vendors critical to the success of the work. I maintain
full responsibility through the product’s completion. I provide performance reviews for the
members of my pod. I work with recruitment to fill any open positions I may have.

Occasionally, I’m assigned to pitch a new piece of business. When that happens, I treat it just
like any other client in my pod. I understand that pitches are investments and therefore will
work with my pod members to put in the extra time required until we’ve successfully
completed the pitch.

Most importantly, I know that my job is to make everyone in my pod the hero. This job is not
about me. This job is about my pod. I understand that to be a successful CD, I must work
alongside my team . I must put in the time. I am the example. I am positive. I am a problem
solver. I am always kind.

My qualifications include:
- Respected leadership skills
- Well versed in all disciplines (writing, design, art direction, etc.)
- Expert level at video production
- Outstanding communication skills
- Outstanding client relationship skills
- Master at solving problems and building momentum
- The ability to resolve conflicts

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