Schibsted is hiring a

Developer Relations Programme Manager

Barcelona, Spain

Schibsted Media Group is a global media company driven by new technology. We employ 6,900 people across 30 countries worldwide, all dedicated to helping our 200 million users discover, build and connect. Schibsted’s solid reputation of trust and security is a legacy of our 177 year history in news and publishing, but recent growth is the result of forward thinking in three separate areas: Marketplaces, Media Houses and Growth. Ongoing investment in the development of new technologies means many of the world’s most popular online marketplaces and online newspapers are part of Schibsted Media Group. Our pioneering digital media houses are acknowledged as world-class in web TV, mobile and paid online services. And with our flourishing portfolio of rapidly expanding digital companies we are leading the fusion of established traditional media and emerging new technologies. Our solid foundations in both traditional and digital media make Schibsted a unique ambassador between the past and the future.

The Schibsted Developer Relations organization helps bridging the gap between engineering teams that are building our scalable services to solve complex problems and the whole internal community of engineers that are using these services to build the applications that power our business. Today our focus is to create a vibrant development community across all our locations within Schibsted and then scale it out to the reach the global development community of worldwide engineers.

As a Developer Relations Programme Manager you will take on the task of coordinating and managing scalable outreach and support programs that will have a huge impact on both the productivity and the happiness of the global Engineering community within Schibsted. You will help bootstrapping and coordinating efforts and initiatives that will require coordination with Developer Advocates from various areas, as well as Product, Engineering, UX and the Communication department. You will help drive projects that will span across multiple offices, countries, time zones, languages and definitely cultures. Your challenge will be to make sure that each and everyone of the involved players will act in a coordinated way and deliver on time.
As a Developer Relations Programme Manager you will be constantly in the outlook for new and impactful initiatives that will transform profoundly the way we work collaboratively across Schibsted. Once the internal initiatives will have reached the required impact and will have stabilized, you will be required to scale outreach efforts to the global engineering community across the globe and help us make Schibsted a truly recognized tech company.

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