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Regional Director of Operations

Regional Director of Operations Location: Southeast Region - States of Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia

Our vision is to create real, lasting change for people, organizations and their communities. At The Iron Yard, we love people and the potential they have to make a significant impact on the world We provide a solution at the juncture of supply, demand, business and a broken education system. We are committed to training the highest-quality technology professionals in the world, both in skill and in character.

Our mission is to connect with people pursuing the craft and lifelong adventure of technology and help equip them with the skills they need to both get started and progress throughout their careers. What We Need! –simply put, Passionate, Creative Community Builders.

As the Regional Director of Operations, this position plans, develops and directs the objectives and operations of multiple campuses, within a designated region. This position is accountable for managing staff, forecasting and managing revenue and budgets, conducting market/ business analysis, leading new campus start-ups, and creating strategies, goals and success measurements for all campuses within the region in accordance with executive management standards and directives.

Additional details:

Create strategic plans, goals, objectives and activities Lead team, conduct performance reviews, focus on team member development.

Develop metrics and present/report to executive team as well as other parties.

Extensive community networking focusing on business, government and regional community development. Manage, develop and oversee implementation of policies, regulations and procedures in compliance with state and regional regulatory requirements.

Analyze growth, profit and opportunity for each region.

Manage Budgets with Campus Directors as well as for the region as a whole.

Represent The Iron Yard in all business related relationships throughout the region.

Manage operating staff and develop responsibilities that focus on the ideal student experience, student outcomes and employer advisory board expectations.

Manage Student Success Team/Admission

Team Up to 60 % of travel is expected for the role.

Operate and support current Iron Yard Guidelines as they apply to students, staff and communities

Why is this role important?- It's new, and it will drive and define our success in the markets we are growing in!

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