ClearScore is hiring a

Customer Operations Lead - Startup/ 3mill Users

London, United Kingdom

Here at Clearscore we want to help everyone manage their finances better. We launched in July 2015 and now we have almost 3million users.

We like to try new things and at our core, is a passion for our user’s experience. Because of that we have won awards for innovation, the design of our product and our use of technology. It’s a great start, but we have bold ambitions and that’s why we want you to join us.

If you are passionate about creating an outstanding customer service experience (think Zappos!) then maybe you are the person for us! We want you to create and deliver great service and get huge job satisfaction from resolving customer questions and helping people get the best out of ClearScore. You will have a personality that will actively fight against the formulaic and over controlled service delivery of many financial services organisations. Our environment is lively, outgoing and self-confident, we want our customers to feel that as well!

  • Friendly people who like to join in
  • Pride in the work you do and everything you get involved with
  • Independent thinking, and not being afraid to suggest new ideas
  • Obsession with your craft, down to the smallest detail
  • Data driven but able to make judgment calls when necessary
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