Deliveroo is hiring a

Staff Software Engineer

London, United Kingdom

Job Title: Staff Software Engineer

Location: 22-24 Torrington Place, London, United Kingdom

Salary: £110,000 - £120,000 depending on your level

Closing Date - 17th November 2016

Hello, we’re Deliveroo. The Kangaroo box on the bikes? Yep, that’s us! We’re one of the world’s hottest startups, and we’re making huge waves in the restaurant and logistics industries.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not kangaroo meat in the boxes. It’s quality food from top-notch restaurants like Ottolenghi, Gaucho’s, or Busaba. Instead of your local takeaway, we’ll fill your mealtime with the best cuisine, cooked by the best chefs from around the world. Come to think of it, sometimes it might be kangaroo meat in the boxes!

How does it work?

Try it out if you haven’t before. Go to our website or open up our iOS or Android app. You’ll be greeted by one of our suite of products put lovingly put together by the Deliveroo product and engineering teams. Once you’ve input your location, we’ll provide a curated list of restaurants that will deliver to you. Select your items, choose any modifiers (lemon and herb? Oh come on!) and we’ll take over.

Your order then pings another one of apps that sits on a tablet in the restaurant with your order, then our dispatch engine, Louie, selects a Roo (that’s what we call them, the lovely people with the kangaroo boxes on their bikes) then guides them to the restaurant, and then to your location, in an average time of 32 minutes with the help of our Rider app. Those apps, alongside our suite of real time monitoring tools, all play a critical part in getting that tasty food to you quickly and in great condition.

As a Staff Software Engineer, you will be leading a team of developers in an agile environment, solving complex logistical problems.

  • Experience with web architecture at scale (20krpm and above)
  • Experience with PostGIS, or any geography-heavy applications
  • Experience with "NoSQL" data backends (Redis, MongoDB, ElasticSearch)
  • Experience with Go or Elixir
  • Experience solving logistical problems with software
  • Other jobs at Deliveroo