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Software Engineer (Java)- Kraków Development Centre, Poland

Kraków, Poland

Software Engineer (Java)- Kraków Development Centre, Poland

Want to Work for a Different Type of Software Company? Join the Guidewire team! We know who we are. Guidewire is a software company. We are probably one of the best companies to work for that you have not heard about.

What’s special about working at Guidewire?

Our customers are insurance companies. Believe it or not, insurance software is surprisingly complex, difficult to get right, and a lot of fun to work on. 

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At Guidewire, a combination of good working conditions, an excellent market opportunity, a rational and meritocratic company culture, quality software products, and a long history of careful hiring have allowed us to create an enviable work environment. Business Insider repeatedly ranks Guidewire as a top tech employer in Silicon Valley, and we are honoured to be voted by employees as a “Best Place to Work” on Glassdoor. Find out why, see and hear from our employees at



  • You will be working on a small, collaborative development within our core Insurance Suite applications to provide elegant solutions to the insurance industry's complex business domain.
  • You will learn about a business or technical problem, distil the right set of requirements and think creatively about a solution.
  • You’ll find the right tool for the job, then architect and build reliable, flexible solutions on our modern technology platform.
  • You’ll consider quality from the start, test thoroughly and constantly work to improve our Agile processes.
  • You will have a lot of responsibility and a chance to influence the way the team works.


Requirements to be successful Software Engineer at Guidewire:

- A desire to work collaboratively in a small, cross-functional team.

- An interest in practicing modern development techniques (e.g. TDD, scrum, pair programming, Kanban, etc.).

- A passion for code quality validated by testing

- A desire to be hands-on in designing and writing code.

- Curiosity and internal motivation to constantly improve their own skills and how we develop software

Previous working experience with:

  • Java
  • Web-based applications
  • Test-driven development (TDD)
  • Web services (e.g., WSDL, SOAP, XML, REST, Axis, XFire, Glassfish)
  • ORM technologies (e.g., Hibernate, JPA, JDO, HQL, XQuery, XPath)
  • Development tools (e.g., IntelliJ, Git, Bitbucket, Rally, Confluence)
  • agile development practices


Guidewire Poland
Guidewire opened Krakow Centre in September 2015 to support increasing global customer demand. 
Kraków is Guidewire’s eighth global development Centre, joining teams in California, Dublin, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tokyo and Toronto. The Centre is focused on development of core products that are critical to the company and its clients.

Guidewire Ireland
Established in 2011, Guidewire’s Irish centre helps meet a growing global customer demand for expertise in implementing Guidewire’s products. The Dublin-based European Development Centre, Guidewire’s third global development team, was established to extend our core applications to accelerate the delivery of critical new product functionality to our customers, and later expanded to include development of Guidewire Digital Portal products. The team builds both global capabilities and content for specific countries and locales. We use the same rigorous, quality-focused methodology that Guidewire’s customers have come to expect from the rest of the core system suite.


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