OpenTable is hiring a

Senior Software Engineer (Restaurant Core Services)

San Francisco, United States

Senior Software Engineer (Restaurant Core Services) (OpenTable, Inc., San Francisco, CA)


Design, develop, and test software modules for OpenTable's restaurant core services. Provide real-time field support for production issues. Develop software using C#, Java, Javascript, Python and Ruby. Data modeling, design, and implementation using relational databases (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle) and document-oriented databases (MongoDB). Test-driven development using unit (JUnit, NUnit) and integration test frameworks (FitNesse). Deploy production software using Chef and Puppet. Provide code reviews for development team. Monitor production systems to ensure that they continue to run as designed and expected.


Minimum Requirements: Bachelor's degree or U.S. equivalent in Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering or a related field (employer will accept three (3) years of post-secondary study plus one (1) year of software engineering experience in lieu of Bachelor's degree), plus 5 years of experience performing the full lifecycle (including planning, creating, testing, and deploying) of application development. Within the 5 years must have experience in the following: designing, implementing, and debugging distributed algorithms; developing highly-scalable web service architectures; performing enterprise application development using C#, and Python; developing decoupled systems by applying Dependency Injection (DI) and Inversion of Control (IoC) principles; using SOLID design principles and patterns; applying Test Driven Development (TDD) to design, implement and incrementally test systems; writing unit and integration tests using testing frameworks (including NUnit) and mocking frameworks (including Moq and RhinoMocks).


Please submit resume online at: Please specify ad code AKKP. EOE. MFDV.

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