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Supply Chain Manager

Sioux Falls, United States



Farmers Business Network (FBNSM) is a rapidly growing data and commerce platform for farmers. FBN brings data science, machine learning, and peer-to-peer networking to agriculture. We’re creating the fastest-growing network of farmers in America, who in turn have already built the largest geospatial farm dataset - nine million acres worth (and still growing). The data have proved to be incredibly potent and farmers have asked for other ways FBN can be an independent and unbiased business partner to their farms.

FBN works by gathering disparate data directly from its farmer members, then analyzes the data and converts it into insights and perspectives that can help farmers make better decisions, manage risk and ultimately increase the profitability of their farming operations.  FBN uses this information to empower farmers by creating network and data driven commerce opportunities for farmers that save them money on inputs, capital and marketing.

FBN is an advocate for the farmer and was created by farmers, for farmers. We are proudly Farmers FirstTM. We are well-capitalized by leading venture capital firms, including Google Ventures and Kleiner Perkins. Our work culture is dynamic and non-hierarchical (we need to be in order to operate effectively across 15 states), offering competitive compensation and benefits.

About the Supply Chain Manager Position


The Supply Chain Manager at FBN is responsible for ensuring accurate, on-time, efficient order fulfillment for FBN’s farmer members.  This role has a broad scope requiring the ability to effectively operate and collaborate across the entire supply chain while focusing on meeting customer needs.  The successful candidate will have a track record of success in dynamic operating environments with outstanding attention to detail, initiative, communication skills, and ability to multi-task.  This role requires an individual who is experienced with the use of supply chain technologies while understanding the physical flow of goods into, through, and out of the distribution network.

Specific duties include:

  • Managing order life-cycle from order placement through fulfillment
  • Ensuring transactions are recorded in a timely and accurate manner
  • Actively communicating with account team to ensure all issues are clearly understood and acted upon
  • Coordinating mfg direct shipments
  • Actively communicating with fulfillment centers to identify and resolve issues
  • Actively communicating with 3PL providers to identify and resolve transportation issues
  • Actively communicating with suppliers to ensure timely delivery of inbound material
  • Anticipate and mitigate potential fulfillment issues
  • Ensure inventory accuracy is maintained at fulfillment warehouses
  • Weekly updates through supply chain team
  • Ownership of functional processes, compliance, or other programs as directed
  • Subject matter expert with active leadership and/or participation in projects as required


  • Min 5 years operations experience in high volume, high service, seasonal business
  • Experience and understanding of farmers and the business of farming
  • Demonstrated analytical skills
  • Experience with project management
  • Strong communication skills
  • Experience with order management, inventory, and logistics processes and systems
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred

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