edX is hiring a

Jenkins Admin

Cambridge, United States

EdX is looking for a Jenkins Admin to help architect and implement improvements to our development and testing infrastructure for the  development and deployment of our MOOC platform.

Jenkins Admin to manage the Tools team’s Jenkins configuration as code, and develop best practices for use of the infrastructure by engineers. This individual would also provide guidance for our other teams that use Jenkins, while growing as a coder.

You are an engineer who believes in the value of Continuous Integration, and Continuous Delivery. You are unafraid of picking up new technologies if those are the best routes to solving problems, and you have a desire to inject more coding into your work experience. As a member of the Tools Team, you believe that the developers creating our software should be operating at optimized speed. You work side by side with the development and DevOps teams to help define environments and automate their buildouts.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Improve upon our existing Jenkins infrastructure and build tools that enable fellow engineers to be more productive, write better code and test it themselves
  • Provide code-based solutions with accompanying automation, in tandem with our CI practices
  • Review Jenkins job configurations provided by other team members with a focus on code quality, risk, and testability
  • Enable metrics collection to understand efficacy, and expand the reach of the delivered tools to our development team
  • Advocate tools and capabilities to other engineers and solicit feedback on what areas could be improved

Qualifications and Skills:

  • 1-2 years experience with Continuous Integration using Jenkins, TeamCity, GoCD, etc
  • Real world experience with programming languages such as PERL or Bash, and a desire to learn Python, Groovy and other OO languages
  • Comfortable working in a Unix/Linux environment
  • Experience optimizing developers’ efficiency through tools and infrastructure


  • Deep knowledge of Jenkins application and infrastructure
  • Familiar with deployment automation (Ansible or Chef, Jenkins, AWS) in a DevOps environment
  • Open Source development experience - extra points for sharing your GitHub / StackOverflow / etc. profile
  • Experience with unit test tools such as JUnit, Rspec, Capybara, or Jasmine
  • Jenkins plugin development experience

Sorry, visa sponsorship is not available.

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