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Software Engineer, Backend

San Francisco, United States
Brigade's ( is working to build a more vibrant and responsive democracy in which citizens build movements that influence the policies and elections that affect their lives.

We're a small startup focused on civic engagement - putting people back at the center of democracy. We're building a dedicated place for voters, constituents, and community members to talk about the issues that are important to them, connect with other people who value the same things, and work together to make changes in legislation, policy, and their communities. We believe that voting and issue advocacy have to go hand-in-hand: making sure your reps know what you need from them, working to keep them in office if they follow through, or to replace them if they don't.

We're made of team members from the left, right, center, and self-described "it's more complicated than that". We have folks who worked for Obama's '08 campaign, who have spent years campaigning professionally on right-of-center issues, and plenty who are pretty sure their vote matters and really want to know how to use it more effectively. We value our balance between team members who see tools to make democracy more responsive and vibrant as their life's work and those who find their passion in solving hard technical problems - our users cover a broad spectrum of political engagement and experience, and we like that our team does too.

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