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Software Engineer

San Francisco, United States

Company Overview

Technology has made the world more connected, fundamentally changing how we we live, work and interact. Yet traditional schools have not evolved to prepare students for the 21st century. Replacing textbooks with tablets won’t be enough. We believe K12 schools need a new foundation. That’s why we’re building an operating system that helps schools use data to respond to the individual needs of their teachers and students. Our goal is to empower schools to adopt new approaches by helping them better leverage their time and resources.

What few people other than school leaders realize is that running a school is an incredibly complex logistics problem. In a typical school with 1000 students and 150 staff, there are millions of possible combinations of classes, students, teachers and their respective schedules. All of these schedules are deeply interdependent. Any change results in a chain reaction that may impact every other person in the entire school. Yet despite this complexity, schools lack the software to help them explore, visualize and simulate logistics. Instead, they end up with schedules that don’t meet the needs of their students and teachers. We’re looking for experienced software engineers that can help us this complex logistics problem to improve the outcomes for students.


  • B.S. degree in computer science or equivalent work experience
  • Strong fundamentals in algorithms, data structures, and software engineering
  • Experience building large scale distributed systems and networked services
  • Familiarity with statistics, machine learning, constraint optimization problems, and/or linear programming a plus
  • Bonus: Experience with modeling and optimizing logistics systems such as distributed network optimization, route optimization, supply chain management, inventory management, or logistics

Your Impact

  • Help set the direction of our company and product
  • Measurably improve student outcomes
  • Improve the lives of teachers
  • Help spread new, innovative school models
  • Give schools greater visibility into how they use their time and resources, enabling them to better support their students and teachers.

Your Collaborators

Adam Pisoni, CEO "As a former engineer, I'm excited to work with someone who balances technical expertise, with a passion for creating real solutions for real people."

Ryan Triggs, Engineering "I'd love to work with someone who is energized by using their technical skills to help people, and who values approaching complex problems with humility."

Ravi Gadad, Engineering "I'm excited to work with someone who wants to be a catalyst for positive change; someone who believes in meeting people where they are, but helping them discover the tremendous possibilities opened up by leveraging technology." 

Company Culture

Abl employees all share a passion for revolutionizing education through school design, whether or not they have prior experience working in the field. We value the diversity of background and thought. We strive to create a safe and supportive environment where trust, communication, creativity, and humility are valued as highly as technical skills. We believe shared ownership builds a more resilient company, and we tackle hard problems, together. If that sounds like your dream work environment, we look forward to hearing from you.


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