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The job you didn't know you wanted

Waterloo, Canada

We’re looking for someone to join one of Shopify’s fastest growing, hardest working, and fun teams. Most of us on this team didn’t know this is the career path we would take. But now that we’ve found it, we wouldn’t dream of doing anything else.

This is a unique team in that you don’t need to have 10 years of prior experience in the field to succeed. We come from diverse backgrounds and before working at Shopify, some of us were art historians, chemists, marketers, UX designers, salespeople, servers, and software developers. Even though our experiences have been different, here are some things that we all have in common:

- We are lifelong learners. We are constantly teaching ourselves new things and we love learning from others.
- We are genuinely curious about the people around us and their lives. We like listening more than talking and people feel comfortable opening up to us.
- We are sensitive and empathetic.
- We are comfortable being ourselves and as a result, make others feel comfortable being themselves when they’re around us.

In our opinion (and yes, we are totally biased) we have one of the most important roles at Shopify. We build and grow teams that execute on Shopify’s long term vision. We partner with teams across the company and acquire as much information as possible to understand the work they do and what they need to ship. We then make it our mission to find the perfect people to join that team and get shit done.

We’re the ultimate matchmakers and we get to know people from all over the world. We make real, high-impact decisions on whether Shopify is the right place for someone to make their next career move, and we facilitate the process that gets them here. This includes writing job postings, doing research, conducting interviews, coordinating unforgettable interview experiences, negotiating offers, and watching the people you’ve hired do really well and be happy in their new role.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, we’re looking for people to join the Talent Acquisition team. If you have the traits described above and reading this has made you excited (even if you’ve never considered recruiting as a career before), send us a note and tell us why.

Challenge: Look at one of the jobs listed on our careers page and find us the perfect candidate on LinkedIn, or another site. Tell us why you think they’d be a good fit for Shopify and the role.

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