Skimlinks is hiring a

Product Manager

London, United Kingdom

Skimlinks is looking to hire a clever and pragmatic person for a product manager role at our dynamic and ambitious company. This person will be responsible for managing and evolving our popular and industry-leading products that make an impact on a daily basis to our large customer base of publishers and merchants.

However, we are not necessarily looking for someone who has been a product manager before. We are looking for industry/customer knowledge; particular aptitudes and skills around organising people and work, problem solving and creativity; and a positive and constructive attitude. We can teach you how we do product management at Skimlinks.  

Your day to day work will be a mix of new product/feature development and support/improvement of our existing platform. We have a high-level product roadmap that needs to be owned by you, so we can deliver happiness to our customers rapidly, creatively, and pragmatically.

You will need to quickly understand the customer problems we are facing (using a blend of data, knowledge from our internal commercial and leadership teams, and customer contact), pull together input from relevant teams, present a clearly defined problem to design & engineering, work with design & engineering to create solutions and support their delivery of the solution. You will be measured in terms of business outcomes (e.g. uplift in revenue or engagement), and your ability to deliver clever and impactful solutions swiftly.  

In order to build great products, you will build a deep understanding of the market, customers and product data. On the customer side, you will need to develop a strong empathy for their needs and challenges. On the data side, have a curiosity to dig into analytics, SQL and spreadsheets. On the market side, you will need to guide our design and engineering teams towards solutions that are ahead of the market and retain our position as global leader in our space. You will need to be constantly communicating with internal teams, be able to articulate clearly and proactively, and get buy-in from the team bought into your product/plans. You will be able to problem solve independently and confidently too, and make good product decisions every day. You will be creative and have an appreciation of beautiful aesthetics, appealing design and intuitive UX, and have a keen interest in how data is visualised and interpreted.

We are looking for candidates with the following qualities & qualifications:

  • Experience - proven track record in a delivery, change management, project management, product management, or operational management role
  • Industry knowledge - experience and a thorough understanding of the e-commerce, publishing, Adtech, MarTech, or B2B SaaS industries
  • Smart - a natural intelligence, with an ability and insatiable appetite to learn and pick things up quickly
  • Creative - ability and passion for devising clever solutions to technical or product problems, and a talent for designing intuitive and appealing interfaces for those solutions
  • Communications - build rapport with the team and customers; communicate proactively and effectively in both verbal and written forms; passionately share company and product vision with those working on your products
  • Bias for action - constantly pushing to move forward, keeping the tempo, continually delighting customers and team mates
  • Organised - your team know what is coming up, you manage all of your inbound requests reliably, your backlog is always ready, you always get a lot done
  • Pragmatic - wisely and swiftly making the right trade-offs between speed of delivery and perfection. You know how to phase and segment project outputs to balance delighting customers constantly with investing in the long term quality of our platform.  

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