Genscape is hiring a

Technical Product Director - Platform Services

Boston, United States

Genscape’s product offerings are focused on energy data which is captured via patented sensor technology ranging from electromagnetic field sensors to cutting edge camera technology to acoustic sensors and other types—with supporting patents by Genscape.  Beyond our unique sensor IP, Genscape’s offerings are all software/data-based products.  The essence of all our commercial offerings are the result of some of the most talented product teams in the market.  We continue to expand our software suite through organic net-new development as integration of acquired products, technologies & data.  Genscape is seeking a talented Technical Product Director (TPD) to continue to evolve the end-to-end capability of the Next Generation Platform which is just going into it’s initial production.  This role offers a unique opportunity that directly defines/evolves the functional capabilities of the platform which will serve up all Genscape products as we migrate existing products and build organic/strategic net-new on the platform.


This team member will work across the organization with other product directors, data stewards, business analysts, technical specialists, architects, database developers, application developers and user experiences experts.  Our platform has reached critical mass whereby the sophistication of it’s capabilities warrants this unique role which is a new type within the Genscape family.  The platform initiative is a completely transformational program rebuilding the entire software stack with a highly configurable micro-services architecture allowing for a single platform to deliver many products through configuration rather than customization.  Similarly we have completely re-engineered our content ingestion platform to achieve a level of automation that multi-billion dollar organizations outsource.  The TPD will also collaborate with other key strategic team leads to support the evolution/integration of this platform into core product.


The TPD is a thought leader and pioneer that works alongside the MD of Platform to conceptualize and build pioneering capabilities that do not exist at competitors but are clear strategic capabilities for customers in the 18-36 month time frame.  The TPD must understand a broad spectrum of needs to build product:  From customer sub-segments/profiles to cross-product capabilities (i.e., mapping to data visualization) and multi-asset class entity relationships to relate how data is presented to customers through their respective configurable product layers in mapping/data viz, etc…  The ideal TPD is as much left-brain as they are right as it requires creativity from managing user experience activities to the details of data definitions, data relationships and technical/operational interdependencies. 


The TPD will spend time in each of the business verticals (Nat Gas, Power, etc.) to understand the functional needs of existing and newly envisioned products that are unique to each business vertical—as crafted by product directors within those verticals.  The functionality of the customer-facing product platform is the main focus of the TPD who liaises with the business to understand and aggregate how the platform must support the business needs of each energy asset class (Nat Gas, Power, etc.).  The TPD works to rationalize/consolidate the functional requirements that are core/strategic to the platform into a holistic set of capabilities that must be developed by the platform technical team.  The TPD must become familiar with all prioritized existing products. The TPD must also understand the technical implications of designs and decisions to avoid the development of functionality that extends existing legacy technology, redevelops identical technology.  


The functional coverage of this role is broad and deep and uniquely positioned within Genscape as a new strategic class of directors---those focused on technical platform functionality, data inventory and specification management for data and other supporting services of the Next Gen Platform.  The role is mid-level in the career path as the TPD will lead both platform functional strategy/specifications and will embrace, evangelize and manage scrum activities in order be a sole owner of strategy, functionality and development. 


It is critical to Genscape technology management that career development and the definition of goals/objectives create those opportunities that benefit Genscape technology talent while simultaneously improving/revolutionizing product development.  We have the highest degree of commitment to the technology team and collaboratively develop stretch goals that meet the needs of individual and company.


We enjoy engineers and product director who love to innovate and create brilliant software product---this is the core of our business---software which is not a supporting IT function but rather core app-development that creates our core of customer facing product combined with exceptional proprietary data and analytics.  Passion for software, drive toward excellence of solution and outstanding team collaboration where ideas can be bounced around for feedback are all aspects of culture we embrace.  If you see software as a direct reflection of what you love to do/build and if you say to yourself:  “Imagine… I get PAID to do what I love---explore, innovate and create exceptional product with awesome products and technologies alongside amazingly talented team members,” then please do come talk to us for this role and/or other roles we have at Genscape.  If you believe that you’re more aligned to a regular 9-5 day-in/day-out job then this may not be the ideal environment given your peers are always pushing themselves for excellence and they enjoy supporting their peers as much as they challenge them (and enjoyed being challenged).  We focus on getting the job done in the most innovative and efficient way possible to deliver exceptionally well architected and implemented products with overjoyed clients.  We do not focus on working ‘long hours’ but rather working really smart with great intensity and passion—you simply get your work done in an agile ecosystem!


Come see what we are all about!


What you will do and learn:

  • Work in the energy markets with the #1 more strategic and differentiated proprietary energy content on the planet---We have thousands of sensors deployed around the globe to capture real-time data for Power, Oil, etc… and also cover 98% of the water ways with 150,000 ships. We also cover solar, wind, Ag/Bio and are looking forward to additional strategic energy investments.
  • Work with Traders, financial directors, utility directors and other customer types to understand their respective needs and work to build capabilities to suit their needs.
  • Work with business analysts, product directors, customer support specialists as well as data analysts and various groups to collect requirements and translate those into user stories that motivate and activate great talent pools that are located both on- and off-shore.
  • Create technical documentation reflecting design and status of systems under development and/or maintenance.


Over your first few months in this position, you will know you’re successful if:

  • You demonstrate a strong initiative to provide value in a highly collaborative team environment. We enjoy those who love software products/technologies and open discussions on how the latest/greatest  technology can be used in innovative ways to solve real business problems.
  • You demonstrate knowledge and carefulness essential to develop and manage business-critical 24-hour operational systems. We live for uptime as our clients are financial traders and expect/demand the most mission critical systems that support real-time Wall Street traders.
  • Start with the basics of day-to-day operations before tackling organic product development: In your first 30 Days you would know and understand 25% of the various energy products in Genscape as well as the full functionality of the core Platform and the full functionality of the current Power RT product.  You will lead your first couple of scrums and release to prod in cloud.
  • In your first 60 Days you would define and handful of your upcoming scrums, expand your backlog further and assemble/lead product definition by liaising with product owners. With support of Scrum masters, will work across several teams.
  • In your first 90 Days you will have brought your first tranche of customers onto your newly released platform product.


This role might be for you if:

  • You have a college degree in computer related field or equivalent experience however your focus would have moved from development to technology product management. If not comp-sci then other degree programs in engineering/science with a career progression toward product management.  Some of our top product members and engineers are from top Comp-sci programs while others have deep experience in software dev after changing careers from various flavors of engineering, math, Physics, etc…
  • You have demonstrated significant experience and knowledge in designing data-intensive applications and working through User Experience product creation workflow: Concept to full implementation.  It is not a requirement for you to have done the technical implementation but the full product management lifecycle is the key functional experience here.
  • You love product platform vision and delivery: You’ve started your career with a passionate focus on the data tier or you started in App-Dev and moved into Data-Tech where you found your true passion, etc… Independent of how you got here---we require data tier passion and conceptual excellence. 
  • Hands-on experience is must as well however this is a mid-level position so demonstration of leadership is key. The potential for this position to grow into senior leadership is high so expectations are high on leadership ability while also being humble.


These soft skills are a MUST:

  • An ability to succeed in a dynamic/distributed team environment and be open to overtime when necessary
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, team player with excellent interpersonal skills. We embrace SCRUM while distributing workloads across teams in a distributed development fashion.  This results in a great opportunity to work with teams across the country/globe where some portion of the team is physically co-located while others attend stand-ups remotely via various collaboration technologies.
  • An ability to manage multiple priorities effectively with minimal supervision – we don’t like to micromanage but we do like to crank code and deliver awesome product!
  • Self-driven: As mentioned, we don’t enjoy a culture of micro-management.  We do believe in SCRUM and bi-weekly sprints and that the energy to deliver comes from accountability and self-motivation.  We don’t believe in punching a clock and at the same time we do believe in delivery, commitment to team, commitment to individual and a career plan that rewards excellence and high standards/work ethic.  We leave it up to you and offer very attractive incentives to reward such excellence and delivery throughput.


It would be a huge bonus if you had the following experience:

  • Multiple Agile frameworks with deep experience in SCRUM and Kanban. Working with hybrid teams between ‘SCRanban’.
  • Experience with a wide spectrum of product development tools to manage requirements/user stories, sprints, etc.
  • Experience working with distributed teams using a variety of collaboration technologies to effectively work through detailed designs, etc…
  • Demonstrated interest/experience in and enthusiasm for learning new data management technologies and cloud architecture
  • Demonstrated interest/experience in cloud and sensor technology: Internet of Things experience would be ideal however not essential.  We are a heavy IoT shop for our proprietary data with a strong commitment to Next Gen hardware platform and cloud evolution so this is important for us.
  • Demonstrated interest/experience in application analytics: Machine Learning, server-side R, R-tools (IDE/web interfaces), etc…
  • Exposure to Cloud based PaaS and IaaS services including SQL Azure, AWS RDS, or SQL Server on cloud based VMs. We dual-home our cloud solutions so enjoy both Azure and AWS as well as some niche providers.

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