Bellhops is hiring an

Admiral (Austin, TX)

Austin, United States

Being an Admiral for Bellhops means more than being a mover. For new applicants looking to join the Bellhops family this position provides a steady schedule and guaranteed hours. For existing Bellhops the Admiral title is the next step up from the Captain Position. It is still a part-time role but the difference is that it is not contracted work (1099) but an actual W2 employee position.

Admirals will be required to work during your availability up to your max hours (18-24 hr/week). The Admiral primarily works truck moves. The shifts are scheduled for mornings and afternoons in increments of 6 hours. By providing availability each Admiral will be assigned a set schedule of 3 to 4 shifts each week.

The position is crucial for the overall success of the company. Thus, it is crucial for all who hold this position to be ambitious. The role demands taking ownership in the company. We are building and growing so this position is a portal into future opportunities. We want to invest more in Bellhops. Whether it be future careers at Bellhops Inc. Headquarters (HQ) or other companies we will be as much help possible.

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